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Flag Person Online (Temporary Certificate)

This online Flag Person course (2019) is designed to teach the student how to control traffic safely on Saskatchewan roadways. The course will walk you through Modules 1-6 discussing relevant information that a Flag Person will need in order to ensure the safety of both the drivers and the workers. Once successfully completed, the individual will be equipped to flag on provincial highways, rural municipal roadways and urban settings.

Please Note: This course may not be compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or higher, if you experience any technical difficulties, please download either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access.

Course Content Includes:

  • Saskatchewan Legislation – The Traffic Safety Act/ Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Responsibilities of the flag person
  • Personal protective equipment and apparel requirements
  • Flag person station, position and signals
  • How to safely direct traffic through a work zone
  • Safe work practices and procedures for the flag person
  • Understanding the motorist

A Saskatchewan Flag Person Manual is available for download (PDF) within this course.

Once the course is completed, there will be an option to print and save a certificate. This temporary certificate is valid for 30 days.

In order to receive a permanent certificate, the individual must undergo a practical evaluation by a valid “Flag Person Instructor” using the HCSAS Flag Person Evaluation Form and Guidelines.

To receive a permanent Saskatchewan Flag Person card:

Submit the Class List, a copy of the temporary certificate and Evaluation Form to: within 30 days from the temporary certificate issue date.

A permanent Saskatchewan Flag Person card will be issued from date of evaluation and is valid for 5 years.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $20.00

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TDG Online Training

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) online course is structured in a way to provide participants with a clear understanding of the hazards and regulatory requirements associated with dangerous goods and controlled products. There are many interactive exercises throughout the course to test your knowledge and helpful links to regulations, charts and other information regarding the transportation of dangerous goods. This TDG course meets all of Transport Canada’s training requirements under the TDG Regulations and was created for all persons involved in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by ground such as shippers, receivers and drivers.

Course Content Includes:

  • An overview of TDG Requirements and Regulations
  • Classification – Nine classes of dangerous goods including primary and subsidiary classification
  • Packing Groups – How to identify the level of danger of certain products
  • Placards, Labels and Safety Marks – Requirements for labelling packages, tanks and vehicles and how to identify mixed loads
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Responsibilities of the shipper, receiver and transporter
  • Different Means of Containment
  • Exemptions and special provisions that apply to certain products and quantity restrictions
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERAP) and actions
  • Incident Reporting – What to do when there has been a spill or leak

A printable TDG certificate is valid for 3 years upon completion and is non-transferable.

Duration: 3 Hours


R-Code Member: $20.00

Non-Member: $50.00 

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