Working Around Ground Workers

Gravel Pits and Plant Sites
June 2, 2017
Installing String Line and Temporary raised pavement markers
June 2, 2017

Job Description

This guideline describes safe equipment operation around workers on foot.

Hazard Identification

Personal Injury

  • Crushing, muscle pull/strain, pinch points, eye, slip, trip and fall.


  • Equipment accidents/incidents, struck-by.


  • Visibility, weather.

Blind Spots

  • Know the Blind Spots: (Blind Spots indicated in Shaded Areas)



  1. Pre-Job Planning
    1.1 Prepare the Traffic Control Plan with the intent of keeping ground workers separated from vehicles and equipment as much as possible.
    1.1.1 Design the work space to eliminate or decrease backing up and blind spots.
    1.2 Plan the scheduling of work tasks to keep ground workers out of areas where equipment will be used.
  1. Training and Toolbox Meetings
    2.1 A pre-job toolbox meeting and documentation is required to ensure that workers understand work assignments and Traffic Control Plans.
    2.2 Identify and communicate any special hazards and controls to all workers.
    2.3 Train subcontractors, crews, operators, and truck drivers to understand any symbols, markers, and colors used to separate workers on foot from equipment within the work space.
    2.4 Train workers on foot and equipment operators in appropriate communication methods (e.g. using hand signals and maintaining visual contact) to be used when workers on foot are required to be in the same area as equipment.
    2.5 Train equipment operators never to move equipment without making positive visual contact with any workers on foot near the equipment.
    2.6 Additional toolbox meetings and documentation will be necessary when hazards, conditions or activities change.
  1. In the Work Area, and During Work
    3.1 Where feasible, channelize the routes that equipment uses in the work area and keep ground workers out of these areas.
    3.2 As part of the Traffic Control Plan, the contractor should show how he plans to protect ground workers from hazards. This plan could include markings where feasible.
    3.3 Review all activities where equipment and ground workers are in close proximity in order to identify potential hazards. Adjust the plan accordingly if problems occur.


Personal Protective Equipment

  • As required by Contractor Safety Policy


Tools / Equipment

  • As required by Contractor Safety Policy.


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