Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. is to promote the arts and science of safety to the “R” code employers & their employees in order to try to reduce incidents & accidents that result in injury & property damage. By reducing incidents & accidents, the goal is to reduce unnecessary pain & suffering & reduce costs.

The HCSAS started originally as the Roadbuilders Safety Association in 1957. To reflect the diversity of the employers in the “R” code the association was incorporated on October 2, 1995 as the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc.

Employers in the “R” code are involved in the following activities:

  • Earthmoving
  • Demolition
  • Paving
  • Trenching
  • Crushing
  • High Line Electrical Work
  • Sewer & Water Work

The one thing that ties our diverse group together is that we all use large equipment, and we dig in the dirt. A company becomes a member of the HCSAS as soon as they pay into the “R” code of Saskatchewan Worker’s Compensation.

Member Services

The benefits of belonging are that the company is entitled to the products and services of the Association. We basically act as a time-share safety department for the industry.

  • Available on request to any member of the HCSAS
  • Sound Level Meter – Sound level meters are available for performing noise surveys on site.
  • Site Inspections – Staff members are available to perform/or assist with site inspections.
  • Accident Investigation – Staff members are available to perform/or assist with accident investigations.
  • Newsletter – the association publishes a newsletter.
  • Safety Program Consulting
  • Classroom training
  • Onsite training
  • Safety program auditing
  • Equipment simulator training

Awards and Recognition

Group Awards

These are awarded annually to the company with the best record within their payroll group (there are 7 different payroll groups). The selection committee looks at the individual companies performance in preventing accidents, and their safety program. The company with the best record would win.

Safe Worker Awards  / Individual Safety Awards

Pins will be supplied for distribution, for each year worked without an injury, at no cost, for members. Pins for non member companies are available. Contact the office at 306-585-3060 for details regarding the Safe Worker Awards.


Board of Directors

Title Name
Board Chairperson Melissa McElwee
Vice Chairperson vacant
Past Chairperson Terra Potts
Board member Al Barilla
Board member Mark Corney
Board member Robert Price
Board member Mark Johnson
Board member Barry Lischka
Board member Tammy Sprecken
Board member Trevor Snider
Board member Marvin Wieler
Board member vacant
Board member vacant