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HCSAS SafetyNet is a data delivery system that allows your coroporation acccess to the training records of the individuals that you have sponsored safety training for or currently employ. The HCSAS SafetyNet role is solely the delivery of the information contained in the safety association database. There is no fee for this service, it is simply one of the many advantages of membership in your safety association. To access the system provided by HCSAS SafetyNet you must register an account. Please see the information below


Fill out this form and an authorization request email will be sent to your company mailbox as listed in the safety association records. Once your head office authorizes your access via clicking on the link in that email you will receive an eMail in your personal mailbox confirming your account and you may begin to use the HCSAS SafetyNet system. Please note that you will need your company safety association ID to begin this process. If you are unsure of that ID please contact your main office or the Safety Association.

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