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October 9, 2021
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October 10, 2021

After taking into account the basic nature and terminology of these instruments, the relative advantages and disadvantages of each instrument remain in certain scenarios. The first thought is the possible scope. English guarantees can be given in an “all monies” or “specific monies” format. In the “all funds” format, all commitments of one or more persons to the beneficiary are covered by all agreements (which are not specified in any way and which may exist or be concluded at a later date). The `specific funds` format only covers certain agreements and, although this may include contracts to be concluded in the future, it should be ensured that an appropriate mechanism is put in place to enable this. Both types may cover the total amount of the relevant liabilities of the principal debtor or, if economically agreed, be limited to a ceiling of the recoverable amount. Limitations of the warranty period are also possible, but they are also not necessary. Caution should be exercised with regard to “All Monies” guarantees, since the guarantor generally has the right to terminate the guarantee at any time in respect of the new debts of the principal debtor. In addition, “all funds” guaranteed are not appropriate for use with unionized organizations. The prices are between 1% and 5% of the amount of the penalty (the maximum for which the guarantor is responsible), the most solvent contracts being the least paid. [14] As a general rule, the loan includes a compensation agreement in which the main contractor or other persons undertake to keep the guarantee unharmed in the event of loss. [14] In the United States, the Small Business Administration can guarantee guarantees; In 2013, the legitimate contract tripled to $6.5 million.

[15] With respect to security for the future, another problem is that the recipient may wish to transfer the underlying debt from the first debtor to another company. In this case, the beneficiary must be sure that he can assign rights to him under relevant guarantees/guarantees. For each of the English guarantees (in general), Russian guarantees or independent guarantees, it should not be necessary to obtain the agreement of the guarantor if relevant formulations are contained in the documents. In strict terms, English law does not always require that an English guarantee contain explicit provisions that it is freely assigned, but it is advisable that the beneficiary ensure that such a language is included. The guarantee has not always been obtained by the execution of a loan. Frankpledge, for example, was a common guarantee system that prevailed in medieval England and did not depend on the performance of obligations. [22] In addition, independent guarantees must always apply for a fixed period.10 Although Russian guarantees are not obliged to indicate a fixed term, certain rules apply in the absence of an explicit “contractual” duration: they only apply to one (one) year from the end of maturity date indicated in the primary documentation or if the underlying agreement does not specify the end date of maturity (e.g.B.