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October 4, 2021
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§ 16A of the law prevents the division of contracts. The main objective of the section is to ensure that transactions are subject to the same tax; even if customers have more than one contract or transfer. The section achieves this by adding up transactions that are really the same major transaction or a series of transactions that are really a transaction the transfers of mining and oil interests Stamp duty is applied to the transfer of mining and oil interests under the same pricing point as stamp duty on the transfer of real estate. Lottery stamp duty must be paid on tickets, coupons or other documents proving that the prize holder has acquired a share of a lottery, draw, sweep or game at a prize. The legislative power for this purpose was provided for in Article 81 of the Stamp Duty Act for agreements or memoranda of understanding and Article 70(4) for the transfer of negotiable securities. Compliance obligations/requirements If the instrument has been exported to Papua New Guinea, buyers or their legal representatives are required to submit the contract or transfer and pay tax within 60 days from the date of first performance of the instrument. Participation under a license agreement does not create a stake in land4 Therefore, the transfer of an interest in a license agreement is not a transfer of interest in land. Consequently, all flat-rate authorisations received from Post PNG Limited for the affixing of adhesive stamps were withdrawn on 1 February 2006. Splitting or splitting of property Any agreement or document having the effect of splitting or splitting immovable property in the country is taxed under this heading with stamp duty. Acquisition of shares in private corporations Land companies Stamp duty must be paid on the transfer of negotiable securities to private companies at higher rates of transfer tax on the value of the land. The provision is contained in Division 10A of the Act and, for the most part, the intention of that division is to prevent the circumvention of the transfer tax by the indirect acquisition of land by certain transfers of shares and shares in landowners. The distribution only applies to private companies as defined in the department. Suppose that Company A grants Company B a right to explore for and exploit uranium on Company A`s mining bases, the consideration for granting the right being $100,000 and Company B Company A grants a royalty to be paid during the extraction of uranium.1 Some time later, Company A sells the right to obtain the royalty, in Company C, while the participation in the mining basin is maintained.

It is the transaction between Company A and Company C that is at the heart of this article. When determining whether the right to income consists of “compulsory assets”, licensing agreements can be interpreted at three levels, namely: an obligation is not imposed on the acquisition of an interest in a relevant private enterprise. It must be a majority interest. A majority stake is a stake where, in the case of a distribution of the entire ownership of the company immediately after the acquisition of the stake, the purchaser would be entitled to 50% or more of the property distributed. The manner in which an entry may be “acquired” is described in section 78H and includes a change in rights and the allocation, withdrawal, return or deletion of shares or shares. It is then necessary to determine whether the right to income from a licence agreement is “customs property”. “Mandatory property” is defined as one of the following: if a double copy is required, each duplicate is calculated with K5. A duplicate is a second or subordinate copy of an instrument with the shape and face of the original….