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Remember that reporting a problem to request a change to your sale does not mean that it must be accepted. QTix may cancel your order at your discretion without notice or payment. (9) Any reference in this section to a clause that is excluded from any of the provisions of any part of this Act is a reference to a clause that provides for the exclusion or restriction of the provision or which leads to the application of all the provisions of this section or to the exercise of a right conferred by a provision in this section. , is excluded or restricted. , or the seller`s liability for violating a condition or guarantee that is implied by a provision in this section. The best sellers receive their payment according to the Top Seller Manual. As a general rule, payments are sent to other sellers within five (5) business days (sometimes longer) after QTix confirms the buyer receiving associated tickets or passports. In the event of conditional events (i.e. events that may not take place, including certain playoff games that only take place if a team wins), a payment will be sent to the vendors within five days of the event itself. Some U.S. states, provinces and Canadian municipalities have rules for reselling tickets.

The rules differ depending on the location and may apply to different aspects of ticket sales. For example, some laws may regulate the resale price, require them as licensed resellers or provide certain information. Below is a basic list of some of these rules. This is not an exhaustive list of laws that may apply to you or your actions. While we want to update this information, it is your responsibility to verify the laws in which you reside and where the event is located. It is also up to you to determine whether any of these laws or other laws apply to you. You should check the laws that apply to you to determine if or how the law applies to you or the tickets you offer for sale. Note at the next table: Some states have additional or other restrictions if you do not resell tickets through an online marketplace. You should also keep in mind that different laws may define face value differently. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the laws that may apply to the resale of your tickets on the site.

Starting in January 2011, the IRS requires us to collect a tax identification number (TIN) for sellers with more than 200 transactions and $20,000 paid by QTix per year, so that we can create an annual form of 1099k. If you are one of these sellers, we will send you an email with instructions to add your TIN to My Account. Avoid Extra Fees and Cancellation of Orders Other users have access to the information you share on QTix (e.g.B. offers, notices and notices, business seller information) and may have access to other users` contact information, delivery and transaction information if necessary to facilitate ticket purchases, sales and payment transactions. You can only use personal data that you have access to for transaction-related purposes, for the use of services provided via QTix (for example. B delivery services) and for purposes expressly authorized by the user to whom the information relates. The use of personal data that you can access for other purposes, including unleased marketing, is a violation of our user agreement and other policies. no, I mean, I should look at some of my overseas fave sellers to see what type of shipping they are now forced to use if that`s true… Just curious, most of the time. You must be a registered user to be able to add a comment here. If you have already registered, please register.

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