South African Rental Agreement Law

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April 12, 2021
Statement Of Mutual Agreement
April 12, 2021

I had a one-year lease with a landlord who approached me to rent their house, and after a year I renewed the contract, then in May I bought my own place and asked him if I could extend the contract until the end of June, because I rented my place, she refused, then I looked for someone to take my contract, and she agreed, then I moved to the end of Jne and she came to inspect the place, I suggested to her that, as I will not stay, she can use my deposit as my monthly rent for Juily, I will add the R140, which was short, and she agreed verbally, but insisted on it , that I pay the rent I refused. I then gave her the keys to say that she is responsible for everything that is going to be borken and she refused, then I negotiated with the person who negotiated my consent to move into the apartment, and I show the landlord that she said it is ok, as it is my responsibility, she went after calling the new tenant and taking the keys saying she wants to paint, and on the 15 I paid the R140 for the July deposit, including the deposit, then the 30. she faxed me a statement of water and the R140 , which I reported that it was paid, as for water, I asked if she could not use the interest of the deposit and they were angry , pay me for the administration fees and new contract fees (of the new tenant) that I refused to pay because it was not indicated on the contract and I never received a receipt that indicates that I have to pay for the administrative charge of R15p/m for the settlement of the municipal account… She said I have to pay for the late payment of rent by taking the deposit that is around R380, I asked for interest and she took it, which means I am now R116.67.Please pay for advice. I just want to know that I moved into a rental house on June 1st, my testimony for July says a lot about electricity, but the electricity does not work 3 months. I paid extra to go into a loan for when my Elec bill comes, but they now claim that for June was use. In cases where the parties explicitly or implicitly agree on a “reasonable amount” or a “reasonable amount,” the court must first consider what the parties intended to hear when the agreement was reached, and then ascertain whether evidence is available to determine the amount of money in the circumstances of the case in question. I resigned from the apartment in December 2015. It`s been 48 days since I left the apartment and evron Properties of Norbreck Court still hasn`t returned my deposit money. The lease stipulates that the deposit allowance will be refunded within 30 days.

In NBS Boland Bank v. One Berg River Driver, etc., the Tribunal found that, except perhaps when a party obtains the power to set its own station or to set a purchase price or rent, a provision that gives a contracting party the right to designate a preliminary station is not questionable. This does not mean that the exercise of such contractual discretion is necessarily unassailable; it can be cancelled in the case of the other party. This is a common law rule where, unless a contractual discretion is clearly intended to be completely free, such discretion arbitrio bono viri must be exercised. The discretionary powers conferred on mortgages with respect to mortgages, which give mortgages the right to unilaterally increase the initial interest rate payable by the Mortgagor, must therefore be subject to the inherent restriction above.