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Authority To Settle Mediation Agreement
April 8, 2021
Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Europa
April 8, 2021

(e) Opt-out procedure You can refuse this opt-out agreement by sending us an opt-out notice. The opt-out notice must be stamped with a postmark no later than 30 days after the date you accept the user agreement. You must send the opt-out notice to 2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton, Colorado 80120. Your opt-out notice must contain your name, address (including street number and address, city, land and zip code), phone number and email address with which you log to the (s) BibHub (s) account to which the opt-out count applies. They must sign the opt-out notification for it to be effective. This procedure is the only way to contradict the agreement. If you opt out of the conciliation agreement, all other parts of the user agreement will continue to apply. The opt-out of this conciliation agreement will have no impact on past, other or future arbitration agreements that you may have with us. When the agreement was announced in London, representatives noted that fintech solutions are likely to bring about significant changes through the use of technological innovations, making financial processes faster and more transparent. That`s an expectation that customers have today.

Therefore, if it is capable of change, financial sector players should benefit greatly from innovation. They pointed out that, due to increasing competition, technological innovations are radically changing the models of credit institutions and insurance companies. Modernizing process digitization, online administration and distribution channels make a significant contribution to more efficient operation and improved customer experience. All communications between you and BibHub are subject to our user privacy policy. You accept the receipt of calls, including automatically selected or pre-recorded calls, and text messages from BibHub to any phone number you have provided to us or that we have received elsewhere. We may make such calls and texts to (i) inform you of your account; (ii) provide customer service; (iii) Recovering a debt; (iv) the resolution of a dispute; (v) view your opinions in surveys or questionnaires (vi) contact you with marketing or promotional materials; or (vii) to the extent necessary to use your account, to provide Services, Applications or Tools, or to enforce the user agreement, our policies, applicable legislation or any other agreement we have with you. Standard rates may apply. We may provide your telephone numbers to our service providers (such as billing or collection companies) with whom we have contracts to help us continue our rights or meet our obligations under the user agreement, guidelines, applicable legislation or other agreements we have with you.